Block Series


Historically, our Profile Red Wine was a proprietary Bordeaux blend crafted from the best lots of wine chosen from a select group of top vineyards throughout Napa Valley. Growers with vineyards who were dedicated to the same ideals as we were, yet beyond our ultimate control.

With the development of the Profile Estate Vineyard, we have guaranteed that the source material for Profile will be precisely what we want every vintage, provided Mother Nature cooperates. Winemaker Andrew Wright has access and influence over every step of the viticultural process. His intimate knowledge of each block, row and vine means we are cultivating exactly what we want from this extraordinary terroir. We have invested in sustainable farming techniques that protect and preserve the environment and the overall health of the vines. We have matched soils, rootstocks and clones with aspects and exposures to ensure that the finest quality grapes from every vintage are at our fingertips.


The Profile Estate Vineyard Block Series offers a rare view into the components that make Profile our most coveted bottling. Producing fruit with a level of flavor, color and intensity that rivals the best in the world, the seventeen distinct blocks that make up the Profile Estate Vineyard produce world-class Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc. Each vintage, two barrels, approximately 600 bottles, will be produced from one selected block and offered as part of the Profile allocation.


Block J2 is a rarity in Napa Valley- it’s planted to the See Clone, one of only three California Heritage clones, and the only block on the Profile Estate Vineyard with that clonal selection and rootstock combination.


Block B2 at the Profile Estate Vineyard is stunning. Steeply sloped with rocky, volcanic soils, the southeastern exposure faces the morning light. The bottom of the block, bordered by oaks, remains cool for longer than the upper slope, which warms gently in the afternoon sun as it fades over the ridge. This elevation and temperature shift, occurring in the same 1.5 acres of vines, creates wines of great depth, complexity, and natural acidic balance.

The steep mountain slope is a challenging environment for the vines, which produce small berries of great intensity, concentration, and tannin. Planted to the classic 337 clone, known for its lush mouthfeel, deep color, and fruit expression, block B2 is one of our absolute favorites.


The E Block of the Profile Estate Vineyard sits on a volcanic ridge at the center of the property at an elevation of around 600 feet. Just over three acres in all, it is one of the bigger blocks and historically produces the backbone of the Cabernet lots for Profile. Northern and western exposures offer plenty of sunlight, which coupled with Forward-Kidd complex soils promotes even ripening and fruit with excellent concentration and structure.

Typically providing the powerful, dense core of the Profile blend, the Cabernet Sauvignon from E Block was a natural choice for our 2017 Block Series bottling. The wine exhibits all the characteristics we love from the property with a full-bodied richness that is stunning and will only continue to improve for the next three decades.


The inaugural vintage of this very unique bottling was from the Fl Block of the Profile Estate Vineyard. This block is the cornerstone of our Profile blend year after year. Just over an acre of Cabernet Sauvignon with eastern and southern exposure, this block sits at an elevation of approximately 600 feet and is made up of primarily Forward-Kidd complex soils.

The Cabernet Sauvignon from Block F1 brings depth and personality to the Profile blend. Contributing to the bouquet and overall structure of Profile, this wine is more than worthy to be bottled on its own and exhibits the tremendous concentration and richness of hillside fruit from Napa Valley.