2000 Silhouette

2000 Silhouette Wine Bottle


100% Chardonnay


Napa Valley


14.5% by volume

Flavor Profile

Silhouette is always an age-worthy white wine, and will gain complexity over the next 5-10 years.

  • Vineyard Notes

    100% from the Napa side of Carneros: 70% Merryvale Stanly Ranch Estate, 30% Hyde Vineyard

  • From Connoisseurs' Guide to California Wine: "Dramatic oak jumps...

    “… into the early lead here and only with a few moments of air does ripe apple fruit begin to bloom beneath the intensely toasty, baked bread themes that are the defining aspects of this big-bodied Chardonnay’s concentrated aromas. Not surprisingly, oak figures prominently in the mouth as well, yet it is matched by ample fruit and shares the stage rather than stealing it. Never close t o being a ” juicy”, fruit-first rendition, the wine is geared to winemaking and richness, and it will be a welcome accompaniment to well-sauced salmon, lobster and smoked-poultry preparations.”  – Charles Olken & Stephen Eliot [90 POINTS]

  • From Syndicated Columnist: "Very dense and filled...

    “… with dimension, the deftly reined Merryvale Silhouette Chardonnay 2000, Napa Valley, keeps its toasty caramelly qualities at the circumference for the sake of super-saturated pineapple-grapefruit flavors that hint at the tropical without forsaking the austere mineral nature essential for poise and resolution. It approaches the exceptional. About $45.00.”  – Fredric Koeppel [Excellent]

2000 Silhouette Wine Bottle