Since 1983, we have established a legacy of excellence in crafting wines of power, finesse, complexity and balance that stand the test of time.

René and Laurence Schlatter



The Merryvale founders crafted the first Profile red blend in 1983, from the finest Napa Valley fruit of the vintage. Joined by Swiss-born Jack Schlatter in the early 1990s, these visionary partners and then winemaker Bob Levy sought out vineyard sites of exceptional quality and character to blend together into a complex whole.

The proprietary name Profile first appeared on the label with the 1987 vintage, along with embossed silhouettes of the founding partners. For the next 25 years, Profile was the flagship Bordeaux-style red blend of Merryvale Vineyards, branded as part of the larger winery’s portfolio. With the release of the 2012 vintage, however, Profile stepped out on its own with a fresh, contemporary look that celebrates our distinctive integrity and vision for the future. At the same time, the new label honors our historical legacy with silhouettes of the modern-day proprietors — René and Laurence Schlatter, who took the helm from René’s father Jack in 2008.